standard overnight

two sparklers unused made lockpicks
but the only locks i’ve opened by suggestion
had veins and armhair and no springs

normally i talk until talking turns into a question and it gets close to an interrogation
the springs you have to press them

rake them according to these YouTube tutorials
raking looks like shanking and as you stab the lock
with one hand the other should gently pull
a hook inserted as well to one direction

i have failed now for six hours
to not think about us as a possibility
how opening wears into weary

sitting in a folding chair in front of my
bedroom door so i leave the sparklers
tv antennae bending toward a lost signal

i make several more passes to the fridge
and jab each time a wire until i think
i have broken the lock or my will to enter

after i take out the recycling
one large brown box from the move
of soft beer cans and bottles

i’m a little too happy i put on pants
before making sure the door was unlocked
these small mistakes and successes

they keep coming back to me
unlike all the things i’ve set free
from this chainlink body and range


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