no passing zone

homemade pasta means this is a home
my bed is here / i sleep here

we’ve been doing alright
trying to mix eggs and flour together

not letting the volcano erupt
some fell on the floor on the way to wash our hands

300 tons of radioactive waste
spills into the Pacific Ocean everyday

the Fukushima reactor
cannot be stopped by human or robot hands

it is too hot to approach
when i told you i was thinking of going on estrogen

i heard what you said
the peanut butter cookies crunch in my mouth

well mine too
i’ve never baked cookies by myself before

water drips from the counter

if we were apples
like these gold ones sitting on the pantry

we might collect fruit fly eggs
before the residents put their mouths around us

they always toss the seeds
with the take-out styrofoam



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