albino pit bull pudgy as an old brick building
squeezing its face between the iron fence

one hand then two and my face
receives these wide kisses acidic

and ample so why do i deny them
and myself so briskly and deftly

to turn away from happiness i know
what punishment is and how to take it

a shaving razor broken apart into
three blades and the way skin

splits and blood coagulates in
unstitched wells and how i filled

them with isopropylene to clean
and recieve again a different bounty

one for unspoken crimes and loud
mistakes to martyr i would give you

every floorboard of my apartment
the first and last slice of a peach

any dollar i have or could credit to
this name and body but i am learning

to stay awhile even turn back
to sew up these holes and take

a tongue and say yes selfishly
ungenerously unrefined and let
my body own its thank you


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