daily construction every night

record storage
with me a little more than regrowth
the illegality of grafting fruit tree
branches into city elms and maples
starves a people
and starving in this body
becomes willful

the same reason i think of you so often
the same drawer i keep my sunscreen in
starving needs a necessity to function

starving takes time
more than i can wrangle
into my mouth
where the baby grackle beaks
call out for another fat wriggling
minute and no i won’t
teach them to fly by falling

i cannot divide this lack of necessity
by another zero
i cannot paint by number your portait
but i have this red and this cream

i trace the line
number 62
the paper is thin and the color
my hand shakes into 64
it should have been gold
like an empty stomach

it is a mistake
i admit and i would admit more
if there was room next to the joy
of starting over/filling a mouth
with a mouth


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