residents are asked to not use the courtyard this month

flourescent my dearest goblin gathering
the children have come to collect themselves
let them be their own rumpelstilskin

just this once

once is enough for myth
once is enough to swallow
a new religion

once is so close to a pattern
i was sure i heard twice down the hall
talking to deb about her sourdough spring break

they seem like good office friends
and the leftover cookies jovulate
once upon a twice, there there first born child

once your lungs had no air in them
you could focus your efforts on growing
instead of breathing, just imagine

maybe that’s my problem
once your heart had no chambers
and once again you had no bones

you could fit through any thing at all
like an octopus
once is so hard to keep still

all those tentacles even this once

keeps asking for another
why start and finish a list with the number one
i do that all the time i guess

to do
1. find a therapist
that’s a really good start, once

i do or once i don’t
once is happy to know
upon a time could follow

and then once will be certain
in a fixed moment that was measured out
by human hand what a blessing

once blessing meant blood
this is how i know you are holy

once like this

and once like that
your fist on my cheekbone
my fist on your cheekbone

your fist in my stomach
you said i think you’re angry once
i can’t remember who said we should hit each other first

or why once turned into a library

but if i start with just once
just to get it out of the way
there’s no need to know what kingdom

this is or who’s giving the story
once belongs to no one
all that’s left is telling time




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