dripping beige or 1953 Ajax is i’m guessing
the name of this low ford taurus
the spray painted gold stars
lining the hood, the outline silver and red

shadowing a refusal of gloss
it is all letter and no room for margins
the work today is done
green lorax trees along the bottom of the doors

even the tires and rims are made up
the front a ditsy red and back a cement gray
to paint this must have taken some days
depending on the number of friends
the number of beers and roughness of the stencils

too much is happening
it is loud and i have lost my footing
my eyes larger than my stride
but i could blame the leggy lilies along the sidewalk

i could blame the car with the wheels turned
toward the curb though the street is flat
nothing would roll away or backwards or up
into something you could keep in your palm

i could blame the heat and i do
but blame isn’t useful right now
i know it is a scratch on my right eye

not the one i close when i wink or when i
line up a shot across a putting green
or down the hot sights
of my friend’s new shotgun


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